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  Jessie M .King and collecting Jessie M.King      - 06/03/2014
I have been collecting Jessie M.King items for over 30 years and continue to do so in a non-compulsive sort of way. I also go for some related items like other TN Foulis books , or the Rose of Parnassus series or Blackie designed by Talwin Morris and others. Jessie M King , as a Glasgow girl and a product of the Glasgow School of Art and an associate of the Secession , was able to turn her hand to many different skills : she designed ceramics, jewellery , fabrics, books (both exteriors and insides ) ; she illustrated the books of others , and she wrote and illustrated books of her own ; she also designed book-plates. In her illustrations she adopts a variety of styles from the line-drawings in pen and ink of her architectural output to the delicate watercolours or flamboyantly romantic two or three tones of many of the book illustrations. Some of her book designs are one-off competition pieces that are finished in vellum leather and faux jewels and rarely come onto the market . Her more standard book designs are very distinctive and I try to have a few examples of each. I have no items of her jewellery and only one ceramic bowl. I have some very scarce items like a deluxe version of The Grey City of the North and a couple of signed books. I also have a few prints but the only original picture is by her husband (E.A.Taylor). We always try to display some of her books at home as you cannot really appreciate them when they are on the shelf. They really are a Gesamtkunstwerk when the book exterior, the illustrations and the type have all been designed by the same person.Another thing about collecting JMK is , because she did a lot of work for TN Foulis and Gowans and Gray much of the published work is small . Thus my entire collection could probably be housed in one banana box. I have already decided what I am doing with the collection . This is an issue for any collector of anything as is what is my collection worth . To which a starting point for the answer is far less than you think . If you have a collecting interest which you would like to describe we would like to hear of it .  | Jim 


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