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  Norman Scarfe Shell Guide Author      - 18/03/2014
I missed the news of the death of Norman Scarfe on the 12th March but had it brought to my attention by a customer at the Harrogate Bookfair last weekend. Norman Scarfe who was 90 was not the most prolific of the Shell Guide authors (that accolade goes to Henry Thorold) but he wrote about what he knew well . He was an East Anglian through and through and thus produced 'Suffolk' 1960 , 'Essex ' 1963 and finally 'Cambridgeshire '1983. Suffolk went into numerous impressions including softback and Cambridgeshire was the penultimate Shell Guide. Cambridgeshire was published in paperback and hardback. I can remember the softback being remaindered(piled high in fact) but the hardback had a small print-run and is now one of the scarcer titles ,commanding a higher price. Norman Scarfe, a veteran of the Normandy landings ) , was clearly a very gregarious ,convivial person and his signed copies are often warmly dedicated. His published oeuvre on Suffolk is extensive and earned him an MBE in 1994. I can recommend the obituary in the Telegraph. There are not many of the 1951-1984 Shell Guide authors left. Fortunately their work lives on . Read his essay 'The New Suffolk Traveller ' at the start of the Suffolk Shell Guide and the entry for Southwold ; you can smell the tang of the sea.  | Jim 


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