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  Shell Guide Oddities February 1 2017      - 12/11/2013
Over the years of buying and selling Shell Guides we have to date seen various variants . We have seen proof copies in plain stiff paper wrappers , a publisher's mock-up of Northants in stiff pictorial covers (this was never issued as a softback) , specimen copies of pre-war titles in ribbed hardback with gilt titles on the spine (one of my best ever customers assures me he saw a whole stack of these in Hay on Wye once ) and a copy of Cambridgeshire in a full soft leather binding.The ribbed hardback pre-war copies were probably all issued circa 1939 and do appear to have been issued while they decided what format to do the re-issues in.They may have been intended for libraries or to be used as specimen copies for reps .Anyway another cache of these has resurfaced which reignites the question 'what are they ? ' I will put an image of one of this format on the site soon.  | Jim 


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